Humans[edit | edit source]

Yu IlHan - The Main Protagonist

Lightning God clan (Korea)

Kang MiRae - Leader

Na YuNa - Priestess

Kang HaJin - Paladin and Kang MiRae's brother

Kang Chan - Kang MiRae's father. YuIlhan dislikes him, he seems like he either doesn't know what he is talking about or is being manipulative and failing hard.

Metal Knights (England)

 Michael Smithson - Leader

Magia Clan (Italy)

Carina Malatesta - Leader - uses 2nd class magic stones and above to amplify magic 'Money Attack'


Yoon DaeHan - Captain

Han YeoRang - First Lieutenant 'beauty’

Phoenix Clan (France) -

Leader disrespected Yu IlHan and got no weapons

Magic Dragon clan (Japan)

Takagaki Asuha - Leader, female

Bump Clan -129 People

Caycicle Clan -58 People

Higher Level Factions[edit | edit source]

Heaven's Army - A higher existence faction of Angels ruled by God. They believe that their leader is the one true God and cannot allow the existence of other Gods. They are believed to help the multiverse from destruction, having angels assist other worlds, receiving orders from God to do so.

The Garden of Sunset - A faction of higher existences that claim that they have the power to read the future. Their objective are unclear/unusual in the beginning of the story. Little is known of the faction's leader.

The Army of Brilliant Light- A faction that looks down on God's power and wishes for distortion in the Akashic Record. They have ash-grey colored wings. AKA Fallen angels faction or the "Enemies of Angels"

Destruction Demon Army - A faction with the purpose to destroy. Involved in the destruction of Dareu, currently having a battle against the angels in the Wall of Chaos

Dragon's Nest - The fifth transcended higher existence faction created and lead by Yu IlHan. As stated by Yu IlHan himself: “Dragon’s Nest is the place where dragons gather, live, and finally, the place they return. And also……Is a place where dragons are born.”

Angels[edit | edit source]

Liera, aka Lita - Partners with Yu IlHan eventually marries him.

Erta - Partners with Yu IlHan eventually marries him.

Feyta (deceased) - Partners with Na YuNa as well as being a traitor of Heaven’s Army

Spiera - Was going to be Lita's trainer. Became YuIlhan's Partner after he became Rank 3. A beautiful angel with burning scarlet hair tied into a ponytail.  A Digimon fan.

Elves[edit | edit source]

Reta Kar’iha (deceased) - a soul possessing Yu Ilhan, previously the strongest hero on her planet Dareu. soul eaten in chapter 96.

Mirfa - Dareu's leader appointed by Yu Ilhan, Due to her proficiency in both battle and productive ability. Yu Ilhan gave her half control the formation when he left. Due to her proficiency in both battle and productive ability. She said she was 518 years old as of this year, but she was a beauty that looked no more than 25.

Mirey - Yu Ilhan's follower, level 87 female greatsword warrior

Paté - Yu Ilhan's follower, level 86 male archer; a beauty with white skin and wavy blond hair that looked like it could harbor the morning dew

Jirl - Yu Ilhan's follower, level 85 male shield warrior

Phiria (deceased, later revived) - Yu Ilhan's follower, level 83 female thief; slightly short stature, but her short black hair and her cold eyes gave out overwhelming charm.

Dragons[edit | edit source]

Yu IlHan - The Main Protagonist.

Yumir -  The son of Yu IlHan and Lecidna.

Lecidna (deceased) - a Dragon from planet Dareu, first dragon to party with Yu IlHan. She has golden scales and harbored wind around her entire body

Teraka (deceased) - Higher level Dragon; memeber of DDA; killed by Spiera

Karrows (deceased) - smaller sized black-scaled dragon with a streamlined body

Echjar (deceased; now a thought-soul) - Also known as the Dragon of Despair; King of Dragons. He was a 7th class Dragon and was the 13th Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army. Now resides withinYu IlHan 's Eternal-ranked armour.

Ruby - a Dragon born after Yu IlHan made Dareu his territory. Has a slim body covered in red scales, representing her attribute to fire.

First (was a dragonkin) - a Dragon subordinated to Yu IlHan that evolved from a dragonkin.

Wolfkin[edit | edit source]

Wolfkin gain the ability to transform into humanoid form through the 'baptism of the moon'.

Princess Ericia - Her head was quite a bit better than Flemir’s. She has black hair, and glamorous body lines "Especially around the chest area which was tightened by the sturdy metal armor and looked stuffy as hell."

Flemir - Head of the Royal Guardians of the Wolfkin, from planet Kiroa

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Angels have the hobby of intruding other’s property
  • Dragons admire the strong, even if they're a new-born or have lived for thousands of years.
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